Showing England jersey support is important, so anything containing white or red but without England markings will also serve as a suitable top, as will any men’s clothing carrying the cross of St George. With a bit of luck UK weather will be better during this summer than the ‘barbeque’ summer forecast during 2009, allowing all football fans to make a day of it each time England has a game. However, those lucky enough to be travelling to watch England’s games live will need to forget the shorts and T-shirts and instead pack warm clothes as South Africa is in the southern hemisphere. At the time the 2014 world cup jerseys tournament takes place it will be the middle of winter and although winters in South Africa are not normally extremely cold, they can be chilly and very wet. So, waterproofs and plenty of warm clothing will be prerequisites.

Indeed, if you are lucky enough to be flying out to South Africa you should stock up now on winter fashions now as finding on-trend winter wear in the middle of a UK summer can prove very difficult. Get your supply of hoodless, sweaters and definitely a good warm wool bomber or Wholesale jerseys to ensure that you stay warm while watching the Three Lions hopefully go all the way to the final!